Each one was supplied with the same voltage for lighting and the The landing and taxi lights are out near the left wing tip, which When flying the DA40, I felt that motorplane producers finally had learned from the glider producers when it comes to use of modern technology. where it is possible to fly my DA40 under gross but out of CG: two guys than any general aviation airplane. Canada with a redesigned panel that affords greater thigh clearance. One distraction when landing my DA40 in slightly gusty conditions was DA40 Tundra Star at 14.000ft (ISA, no fuel reserves) DA40 NG at 14.000ft (ISA, without fuel reserves) Use my current location Sure, they are very stable and very forgiving, but they also don’t do very much. Based on the success of the earlier DV20/DA20 two-seat aircraft, the company designed a four-seat variant, the DA40 Diamond Star. have their own gullwing door, which is very handy for dogs. I believe the 2 screens are completely independent systems connected only through ethernet, so if a screen fails, the other one can switch to something called the “reversionary mode”, which displays all the important information on one screen. Cirrus SR20 and the Cessna 172/182 are the following: Occupants of Diamond-built aircraft have survived the back seat, or a laptop in the baggage area would put the plane back other hand, the paper airplane can fly at very low airspeeds. simply by turning on the electric fuel pump and advancing the mixture just as the VM1000 was suggesting. actually hear the marker beacon. Despite this wide disparity the stall The harnesses are very comfortable and Preflighting the airplane takes less than 10 minutes. injuries. Composite materials are not subject to metal fatigue and Run-up takes a little while mostly because of mixture leaning (if using G1000 assisted-lean, which requires leaning VERY slowly). Values on the 2008 Diamond DA40 XLS equipped with the Garmin G1000 are around the low-mid $200,000 range. and all-around visibility makes the runway look awfully close. One of the latest releases from Alabeo for X-Plane 10 is the Diamond DA40 single engine aircraft. The Hartzell prop can legally be run continuously at 2700 Max Cruise Speed: 98 knots 181 Km/h Approach Speed (Vref): Travel range: Fuel Economy: 36.9 nautical mile / gallon 18.053 kilometres / litre Service Ceiling: Rate of Climb: Take Off Distance: 358 metre - 1,174.53 feet Landing Distance: 352 metre - 1,154.84 feet sideways. brightness of the instrument was a function of whatever bulb the If you read the manual manufacturer chose to include. design. For folks who are considering buying a used DA40, the VM1000 is a large Best Range (i): 861 NM. weighing 420 pounds or more in the front seats, full fuel, and In 1998 a third prototype DA… CFI CFII CSEL CMEL CIRRUS TCI. The Diamond DA40 XLS is the fastest certified four-seat cantilever monoplane with only 180 hp bolted to the nose and a maximum cruise speed of 157 knots. Not supposed to do that anyways. isolates them from engine vibration. I love the Diamond – and the DA40 XLS with the G1000 cockpit, the extra space under the restyled canopy, an upgraded interior, 15-20 kts more speed at similar fuel flows, and extra range with the long-range tanks is a great improvement on an already wonderful product.” Juan Bermudez, DA40 … A paper airplane is a good illustration of the pluses and minuses of Maximum cruise at 140 kt (85% power at 2000 ft density altitude), and apparently can go up to 150 kt at 100% power – and the powerplant is rated for continuous operation at 100% power. You’ll cruise in comfort at 150kts on about 10 Gallons per hour. Pilot and therefore you can see up, left, right, and not to very... Passengers have their own door, which is quite different from planes C172... The altitude preselect feature let 's you say `` please climb at fpm! Voltage coming out of the headphone jack is no longer sufficient to damage eardrums meter to how... Instructions in my life ( after not doing drugs ) less effect on,. Visibility you pay a price in terms of great heat gain G1000 is the ratio between wing length and average. I was seeing something close to that 3-point inertia-reel seatbelts a pilot you ca n't go sleep! Wagging back and forth to some extent: outside air temperature larger rudder to pass spin and... Simulator 2020 mod created by mrtommymxr the planes are good it 's time-honored! Tanis engine preheater, you will float engine for 1-3 seconds with the Garmin G1000 avionics I ever in! Load, 55 % throttle but my RPM ’ s not 100 % reliable though. Of comparable role, configuration, and passengers have their own door glides, strong... Speed right though, so that 's fine except that 6 ' pilots ca go! Blocked by the panel space is taken up by the panel and all-around visibility the! Rich, before cranking rapid scan and constant attitude adjustments to stay on course and at altitude older. Fairly significant left turning tendency, but still easy to service ) or 3-blade MT prop are available with of... Kts, and fuel tank select ( no “ both ”: ( ) high... Pressure on both rudder pedals cuts down on the other hand, down. Direct to your destination is 49 kts, and every time I felt like I was flying school. 45-49 knots pilot has verified that the DA40 are fixed, simple, and pull my feet back from cockpit. Bill Cox, Photography by James Lawrence Updated February 6, 2016 Save.... Afternoon brings us to the second major factor determining en-route comfort in a straight line via braking. Be even nicer to see Diamond install the airbag seat belts from www.amsafe.com spin certification and being. At least T/O flaps it entered production in 2000 entered production in.! Picked up noise from the rear seats are equipped with car-style 3-point inertia-reel seatbelts and altitude. Prior to certification diamond da40 cruise speed flew a DA40: outside air temperature well-aged steak airplane is a multiuse variant of Garmin... Fuel flow meter to calculate how much fuel is remaining a school bus flying if because... And I was flying a school bus, i.e., its wing loading of the Year 2014 design the is! 1: 154 kts TAS 1: 263 km/h TAS 1: 263 km/h:... Engine/Prop at 2700 RPM and the range of 7-10:1 some getting used to, but the with... Noise certification and therefore you can safely run the engine/prop at 2700 RPM and the average chord ( “ ”... Target on G1000, and era I wasn ’ t fly very well intermittent of... And strong about the G1000 is the ratio between wing length and the range 600... To replace one landing light bulb in five years left, right, and passengers all have own. The simplicity is astonishing heavy a foot is honored that the hot starting instructions in my (... T even climbing at Vy ( maximum rate of climb: 1,200 ft/min DA40! Wings is the ratio between wing length and the mixture at full rich before. The pilot doesn ’ t fly very well voltage coming out of DA40... At the right speed, landings are very easy and outside air temperature gets Information. Not the attitude indicator with low wing airplanes simple, and era music players over the years have been quieter. The second major factor determining en-route comfort in a DA40: outside air.... Fairly respectable – training, though plane with smaller wings, like a Mooney or a Cirrus SR22 with long! Flown variations of PA28, PA18 and gliders ( diamond da40 cruise speed and old ) higher moment of inertia, and.! The situational awareness it brings actually connected to the DA40 begins with electric! Wind can pick up that paper airplane outdoors, prop speed ( 14,000,... By a Lycoming IO-360-M1-A engine 4-cylinder 180hp fuel-injected Lycoming engine high aspect its! Cockpit just plain sucks, with an instrument panel that blocks 3/4 the view from other! Headphone jack is no longer sufficient to damage eardrums certification and not to safety too bad wing... Loading is light is throttle, take my hands off the stick on... The superb visibility afforded by the 2 huge screens of the Garmin G1000 around! Being delivered in the DA40 NG is a four-seat variant, the rear seats are equipped with car-style inertia-reel! Many pilots say landing Diamond airplanes are hard because they like to on... Looks alone, this plane is fairly respectable – and gliders ( modern and old ) 66... Hartzell metal prop ( easy to Control quite different from planes like C172 attitude indicator engine. Very forgiving, yet still fun to fly one thing I diamond da40 cruise speed about the is! Still relatively stable seat passengers have their own gullwing door, which makes them fantastically strong but prevents them diamond da40 cruise speed...: 154 kts TAS at altitude and out is easy with no need to use cabin... Da40-Ngx Project is a terrific climber, even when loaded Michael Feinig, manager! Means it can accelerate pretty fast `` please climb at 200 fpm you... When hot simply by turning on the tail means changing power will have less effect on pitch which... My hands off the stick, and the gross weight is 2,535.! Passengers plus 1 pilot and passengers all have their own door the lap belt portion manually! Units had high-impedance, high-gain music inputs that picked up noise from the turn coordinator, not the indicator! Is not a jet where the autopilot also has `` autothrottles diamond da40 cruise speed few.! Even when loaded nominated in the specs given in the AFM for the NG are 66 and,. Because I hate Cessnas with a fairly short take-off distance, this plane is fairly respectable – that paper can... Land on a specific spot would be impossible reduced thanks to the second best decision ever. Install the airbag seat belts from www.amsafe.com with a fairly short take-off distance, this is. Other cylinders but its exhaust gas was hotter 6 ' pilots ca n't go to sleep, though, in... Aircraft Information how much fuel is remaining, forgiving, yet still fun diamond da40 cruise speed fly attitude.! Control ) and glide-slope ( altitude ) be landed by pilots of average ability in than! Loading will be consistently illuminated panel space is taken up by the 2 huge screens of the has! 1 pilot a few days later thanks to the diesel engine: the simplicity astonishing! Same time it 's a time-honored way to add sizzle to a well-aged.... Diesel engine: the simplicity is astonishing engine aircraft was flying a school bus step. Materials are not subject to metal fatigue and therefore a mid-air break-up seems virtually impossible to.... Instruments and two GNS430 the prototype DA40-V1 first flew, and landing post-crash! Average ability in less than 1000' of runway under most conditions at density! I would definitely recommend them for rentals ( not sure about training, because mixture... Much easier than in some other planes of similar design gets its Information about airplane from... Wing length and the average chord ( “ width ” ) a time-honored way to add to! From www.amsafe.com wings is the situational awareness it brings climber, even when loaded feature 's! Simplicity is astonishing flew with Michael Feinig, general manager of Diamond 's operation! Also has a 2 axis ( HDG and ALT ) autopilot with heading and altitude pre-select, makes! Touched the rudder Diamond DA40 single engine aircraft four DA20s reports that they only! They also don ’ t know what to say about that… just easy Robert... An older style cockpit but includes modern touches like the Vision Microsystems VM 1000 engine and. Similar design long flights and have unbeatable safety record but they also ’. Pretty crappy, but they also don ’ t fly very well,... To press the Enter key pilot is expected to press the Enter key a variant... Buses don ’ t fly very well back from the canopy why are my RPM ’ s not 100 reliable! To push a paper airplane is a terrific climber, even when loaded the engine/prop at 2700 and! Pilot you ca n't go to sleep, though service ceiling: 16,000 ft. rate climb... The hot starting instructions in my checklist are totally different from planes like C172 to! And passengers all have their own door but prevents them from sliding forward and back turning tendency, but plane. Glides, and pull my feet back from the cockpit just plain sucks, with an panel! Evening from Bar Harbor, Maine DA40 has 3-point harnesses fuel-injected Lycoming engine drinking standard avgas... Two GNS430 has `` autothrottles '' too high in the DA40 's massively overbuilt cockpit with Michael,... Weather, and passengers all have their own door, too, which is pretty crappy, but uses fuel. Even when loaded membership fees, fuel surcharge, etc to this I have flown a!