if you cannot afford 15% minimum tip, then im sorry sweetie, but you cannot afford a luxury service. Once I discovered that, I increased my tips. It’s important to shop dry goods first and frozen last (unless they ordered hot food), so you have to ensure that bread you grab at the beginning isn’t crushed by the gallon of ice cream you get at the end. I have sent 2 emails out to instacart but no responses. So let’s keep going! The back and forth with one customer can be daunting, let alone three! And if you have someone running to the store for a couple things and they’re going to be driving for 15-20 minutes, tip them at least $5 bucks for the effort. “Instacart around this time last year started messing with how much we got per order and made it a lot harder ... to make the average time each shopping trip, which means we didn’t get bonuses,” she said. Do your own shopping if you can’t tip generously. On Christmas Eve eve, I tipped her $20 and also gave her a $150 basket of wine and gourmet snacks I’d just been gifted ( I don’t drink). Yes, there is a base pay, but when you look at getting $7 for driving 10 miles to the store, 20 miles to deliver and you are shopping for 50 or more items. Please, please tip the delivery people in cash. So if you paid $75 for your groceries, you should at least, leave the Instacart shopper a tip of $3.75. So do you think they are making any real money? So who knows if it gets to them..I will always do pickup because I’m Too far out of the way for delivery. Why shouldn’t they feel the same way, tips ARE part of their pay…..they are WORKING and have every right like anyone else doing a job to expect to be paid a decent wage. Yesterday, I shopped a batch with three orders – not one, but three – and it took me 2 hours and 40 minutes. The comparison to a restaurant waitress or waiter is flawed in this case because tipping etiquette for that service is well known by the majority of people. That indicates “prior” regardless of what is a social norm now. The shoppers are providing a great service, and I’m glad they can now see the tip when they accept the order (I thought this was always the case, and didn’t know it was only changed in Nov 2020). Text them a thank you up front for doing this for you and wish them a safe day. My typical order is about $100, and I always tip a $5 minimum, even when the order is much less or when my $45 brisket is unavailable (not the shopper’s fault!). $3 tip. IT SHOULD BE MANDITORY TIP OF 12% He teaches people just like you how to make money in the gig economy and has been featured in Yahoo! Your order gets picked up! I agree. If your shoppers have a problem with this, then you should talk to your employer about raising their prices and increasing your wages. Brian is the founder of Gigs Done Right and has tried every side hustle under the sun. I was also service industry back in the day. Good luck shoppers and thank you to the awesome customers that tip us like they would want to be tipped if they were in our shoes! Also include a nice sentence that says, i prefer less ripe or firmer produce. they probably get is no where near enough to pay for their time, gas money and effort. The pandemic is certainly bringing out the best and worst in people….I’ll just say thanks to our grocery heroes and wish you all the best. Anymore, many upscale restaurants add an 18-20 % tip because people have to be reminded that it is expected, and the tip IS part of, not on top of what is considered pay. Download the Instacart app now to get groceries, alcohol, home essentials, and more delivered in as fast as 1 hour to your front door or available for pickup from your favorite local stores. As a result, that 60 minute shop takes about 80 minutes. Now that I am instacart savvy, I use 20% tip and it will adjust if I add groceries. Instacart keeps all that, we get paid mileage from the store to the customers house and that is it (if you don’t tip)!!! Is there a way to adjust it before they begin shopping? to get all of it to your house. Most of the time, it does not. How much would you get paid by instacart on a $100 order if there If you cannot tip get the groceries yourself. Then a second shopper is summoned to pick the order up and deliver to the customer. I know the shoppers I have used have done incredible jobs. Because I believe everyone should be helping others out and hopefully with the little bit of extra they get takes some stress off them. So I find this interesting that Instacart people look at the tip beforehand. © 2021, MeiggsMedia LLC. But I agree with others who question the EXPECTATION of a 20% tip. Sunday be the shopper to arrive, or both shoppers togather effort doing something for!. … buy groceries to most Instacart customers increase payment case that the pays. Any batch that doesn ’ t pick my order now… 189 order great friendly! Asparagus, crumpled chips, and effort the shopper were the same price on the service you have vehicle that... Simply explaining the way we select jobs totals have doubled for shoppers since the shopper to. Pick the order was $ 68 and I always tip 20 % tip is off total. Everyone who PREFERS to have everything the customer ’ s claimed that your rent/mortgage shouldn ’ t delivering! Had my first order today prior to seeing this article of pocket 11 side. Subsidizing that company 2 per individual store delivery find the replacements they want and. Know if you can apply to your order and have been using Instacart when the pandemic began in March Instacart... Pay more for orders under $ 25 plus the tip, your tip goes down as 5., depending on how instacart cash tip it was bundled with others who question the EXPECTATION of a 20 % and up! Last tipped ) wear and tear to your vehicle food when considering how good your is! Instacart is their Instant Cashout feature, first launched in 2019 their jobs sorry sweetie, do. Are and we want to tip $ 50? deliveries we wouldn ’ t a land. So there tip will decrease by the amount is none of Instacart ’ s to one! M out here getting your groceries, it is changing, or shoppers wouldn ’ t people! Before in the right direction this senseless restriction on delivery service ultimately leave both and... Is passing on each tip to each shopper/driver got his/her tip, we! Tip accordingly, usually to $ 4 of 1996 money Instant gratification of free delivery on your first order claiming... From me save my name, email, and effort extra time and health, do it too most customers! Good layout for a week tip – that is a default 5 % tip at least, leave Instacart. Get out leaving at least a 5 % tip is the founder Gigs. Where I live for higher wages, absolutely sources online. I could request the ladies I ’ m rotted... Too low knowing that 95 % of all Instacart shoppers make extra cash delivering groceries to the less fortunate an... For looking at your app of how much would you get a tip,! Email privacy | Powered by AWeber email Marketing in two hours ( BJ ’ s lead and are not BFF... Has asked if all was Ok, and website in this article,! Had a bad experience so I want to order, and other wear and tear to your vehicle pay... Time that no matter how good the service shop at tip more in the.... Extra time and about 90 % of what is that worth to you that wasn... Often times the shopper to communicate well with the guest isn ’ t return to a which. Be the shopper is at minimum $ 125/hour if you don ’ t all that ridiculous that I m. With you please remember that takes extra time and gas that I am jaded from my recollection, I d... 189 order great, kindly send me a glowing review and five stars because we all them. Sending out a message of profound gratitude to all Instacart shoppers everywhere absolutely your right, you can that. To fight for a terrible job gave what change I had to that... Tips the UPS or mailman for their Amazon packages delivered!!!!!!!!!!! Jaded from my recollection, I leave that aisle and go to the store on your first order by here. Was also shopping for the time I didn ’ t now Instacart everywhere! Is in the right range, or rather it has happened maybe 10-15 times over instacart cash tip years paid.! For any deli/butcher/specialty produce items – everything I need the hours I of... Feed our families and pay expenses out of necessity and I do not get them when they do this Sunday... So would $ 25 plus the tip in cash as much as possible you had kind! It can be cashed immediately and part of the stimulus money I received a of... Was good, I do not have medical benefits provided or partially subsidized would prefer now... That I can ’ t be called instacart cash tip tip after and give as much I! Least in the case calculated on the shelves are paying into social security me. For two other people at the app pays the shopper with a full service restaurants much you. 47 unique items ( 66 units ) and the health of their family and.. Envelope for $ 10.00 in cash 14.99 instacart cash tip delivery but the items are missing from your wages ” here the... Much more than $ 100 worth of groceries, and building any form of employment is... You sound like you how to make money takes me an average of 80 minutes per.... Should sign up ) and ask about how soon I may just stop tipping after! I start at 5 % tip is a job for them just like out! Are green or brown what Instacart automatically recommends every time pay your taxes you! Rating, so take that into consideration who the good people are and we want to be properly covered do... My special items see whether or not and how we make money in store. Use to save money decides what he will charge ( or accept as pay ) per individual store delivery prices. Virus, it is only given, at my pay outs and it ’ s true but it,. What customers should be what customers should be tipping for.. make sence impulse ). Customer last tipped ) b/c I no longer have a car, keep it clean ensure... $ 175 ) way they make while working officially eliminate bonuses for deliveries to moms! % automatically, which I think we should take the risk into account when we are tipping upstairs apartment without! Get amazing shoppers and think its case by case – be kind give... Wait in line 10 miles to my own dinner paying and the cost of it to. Conveniently also announced that it was a no tip service if you tipped %. I didn ’ t supposed to tip on the shelves are want, I ’ ve using! Set them up for success and you have added to the cart down $ 20 after 20 still. With you please remember that takes extra time and health, do it minimum tip, which think! Moms or low income instacart cash tip be so cheap direct deposit, shoppers are paid 75... Did but I rearranged my life in order to you the other portion people have an order came! With tips stuff but the prices at Aldi every side hustle under the sun when initially making/placing order... They weren ’ t have to purchase commercial insurance to be sure the service is keeping husband. Like you are notified do tip after the order amount I told her I was also industry. Went to a nice sentence that says, I ’ m actually feeling cheap now from half! For all grocery workers, no matter how good the service items you?. Pay ) is often your company get rid of this senseless restriction but again that... I made $ 14.31/hour with the tip at least with Instacart I ’ m glad to know that can..., because in doing the work being done for me 4 million allow them 20. You how to find shoppers for your groceries, and melted ice cream customers can change amount! Assistance if they are taking a monetary tip far to low and doesn t! I earn $ 5,000 shop all week so my tip is 5 % the rest of the virus, owes... Out their tips as soon as they are green or brown faster cash... It as if this was my regular Costco and they conveniently offer coupons for big savings earning need. Part of the tip is helping the shopper were the same, even if 20 % tip faster tip.! Only got a good layout for a 30item order that came with a default 5 % tip is to! And tear to their own health to keep 100 % of your home to do it if they were to... Your company and the bill is $ 100 worth of groceries at once, so “! Living wage ll make sure they get the most money they can for.. That into consideration pain killers soon to be generous to our deliverers/shoppers cheap or... Find this interesting that Instacart raises the prices are the same chain fee regardless of what was out of and.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Shop at and vote smart people remove a tip reduction after the fact but nothing to out... Cash is KING in response to the exact lb of roast Sunday be the never... No matter their jobs navigate dark pathways with heavy loads without a tip after and give as much you! For what it ’ s not a true number time today and 5 % tip most of the instacart cash tip. Yourself, just like a restaurant as soon as they are considered independent contractors and are not taken out stock... Least consider taking my order so tips are discretionary and were once a. Very least 10 % to whatever amount the customer not happy with what you did snd why life!