Image of flower, autumn, closeup - 101714289 The genus Sedum contains more than 450 different species, all succulents that are extremely tough and well-suited for dry conditions. Attractive Sedum Varieties 1. The plant forms a low mound of lax stems, which are rather brittle but have the advantage of spontaneously producing new plants. Depending upon the variety, Sedum does best in full sun to partial shade. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Jan 31, 2012 - Sedum purple emperor is a fabulous plant. It forms a low carpet of small, needle-shaped green leaves that take on a bronze tone during droughts and in winter. The lower growing types, however, will survive in partial shade. Sedum populifolium Pall. Bluestone Perennials - Home . A variety of natural forms Sedum teléphium widespread in Eurasia, were the source of many varieties, including hybrid. The deep purple leaves are almost black in color, and the plant produces small salmon-pink summer flowers for a show of contrasting color. Autumn Joy Sedum is the most well-known upright variety of sedum. Tiny white star flowers appear in summer. Sedum spectabile flowers in August and September and grows to a height of 50 cm. Sedum ‘Dark Magic’ It has to be dark magic to give so many great characteristics in one plant – amazing huge inflorescences, a short and very upright habit, glossy purple … The stems are topped with pinkish purple blooms during the summer. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about purple sedum? Photo about Purple Sedum flowering perennial plants in a herbaceous border. Leaves on this cultivar turn a deep burgundy color in the fall. The form of the plant is similar to other sedums, but the stems and leaves start out bluish-green, and turn a rich, deep reddish-purple. It has somewhat disappointing flowers lasting only a few months, not over the entire winter as 'Autumn Joy', but the foliage makes up for it. Login . Green roof sedums. Of all the varieties of sedum, Vera Jameson has perhaps the most striking and unusual coloring. Foliage colors may range from light green to red to purple. Scientific Classification. Sedum “Purple Emperor ”: This variety, imported from England, is also a taller-growing sedum. Many purple leafed plants also have beautifully toned young spring growth. Check out the distinctive foliage on Sedum plants. Sedum Purple Emperor - Common name:Stonecrop, Hylotelephium - Upright Sedum. S. Petrosedum rupestre 'Angelina' is a gold-leaved sedum that turns bronze when the weather turns cold. Botanical Name: Sedum lucidum ‘Obesum’ Size: 18 inches tall. Their leaves and stems are usually purple, and the color of the flowers varies from cream to crimson. They are sometimes included within the genus Sedum Details 'Purple Emperor' is a compact, clump-forming deciduous perennial to 50cm tall, with broad, deep purple leaves on dark red stems, and rounded clusters of small, pale purplish-pink flowers in late summer How to Plant Sedum. Sedum ‘Twickel Purple’ Twickel Purple Stonecrop: USDA Zone: 3-9: Plant number: 1.485.570. It is hardy in zones 3-7. Low Growing Sedum Varieties. Sedum plug production in the greenhouse during the summer. All Sedum varieties and species have the same requirements for full sun exposure and fast draining soil and are hardy to zone 5a or colder on the Canadian Zone map. During spring, it grows yellow-green, star-like flowers. Sedum Purple Emperor Posted: May 7, 2019 at 3:53 PM Sedum 'Purple Emperor' ... Plants grown in rich soil tend to be lanky and open. 2021 New Varieties; National Plants of the Year; Plant Search; Plant Trials ; Regional Recommendations; Learn; Gardening Ideas; Find a Retailer; Shop; Events; Professionals. Several cultivars in the group Sedum album share this characteristic. Perfect for use at the front of a sunny, well-drained border or in a large patio pot, the flower-heads are a valuable source of nectar for butterflies and bees. Its stems reach up to 15 inches tall, and are a deep, rich purple color. Sedum telephium grows to a height of 30-60 cm and flowers from July to September in old pink to purple tones. Lawn And Garden. Gift Certificates 10% Off – Buy Now! Each cell is about one inch square and one inch deep. A striking combination of foliage and bloom - excellent for cut arrangements. Family: Crassulaceae Subfamily: Sedoideae Tribe: Sedeae Subtribe: Sedinae Genus: Sedum. Light & Temperature. It’s fast-growing and makes good ground cover with evergreen foliage and nectar-rich, yellow flowers in summer that attract pollinating insects. Plants. the season and are usually a deep reddish purple colour. Some plants have so much star quality that it shines out from the border. Extra bright flowers and unique foliage colors, like bronze, purple and near-black, mark some of the newer varieties. Shop Bluestone Perennials for Stonecrop groundcover today. Sedum varieties to try. Already Started? The leaves are broadly ovate and deeply toothed and held on long petioles. 'Purple Emperor’ is a hybrid perennial sedum that typically grows in upright to slightly spreading clumps to 15” tall. Low-growing varieties of sedum make easy-to-care-for ground covers, especially since its fleshy leaves retain enough water to survive dry spells. These are 72 cell plug trays. Most varieties should be grown in full sun to light shade. An award-winning Sedum variety. Sedum 'Purple Emperor' is such a plant. Sedum porphyreum Kotschy – purple stonecrop; Sedum praealtum DC. Sedum ‘Thunderhead ’ Sedum ‘Thunderhead’ has some of the deepest rose-pink flowers. Giant Jelly Bean. USDA Zone: 6a-9b. Dramatic, deep bronze-purple succulent leaves topped with red-purple flower-heads from August to October. Sedum plants are thick-leaved, drought-resistant plants of the family Crassulaceae and are sometimes referred to as stonecrops. sedum purple emporer. The variety ‘Herbstfreude‘ has brown-red inflorescences. Explore. Tall Sedum Varieties. You guessed it: purple. Botanical Name: Sedum makinoi ‘Ogon’ Size: 3-5 inches. Plants. Here at Plant Delights Nursery, we have been growing sedum plants for over 25 years in our hot, humid, rainy Raleigh garden and so we thought we'd pass on our expert tips for growing sedum plants as well as the names of our favorite varieties of these popular succulent plants. Some change colors with the seasons or in response to environmental stimuli. Another variety, Sedum spurium "Dragon's Blood," develops into a dense mat of red-edged green leaves that is 2 to 4 inches in height. Planting. Sedum Plug Production in the Greenhouse. Sedum reflexum is a hardy species native to the UK and Europe. Purple Plants. This native to Russia is one of the most distinctive species. Sedum teléphium . Overly-rich soil can encourage leggy growth, which can result in upright sedum varieties becoming top heavy when they bloom. Find plants you love and create idea boards for all your projects. Plants in the genus Sedum are commonly called stonecrops because they are typically found in the wild growing on rocky or stony areas. Make them the talk of your garden. Go straight to Purple-Roof Green Roof Modeler. Sedum dasyphyllum or Corsican stonecrop, grows in hot, dry conditions. Combine with sempervivums and other hardy sedums. . Winter Plants. This group can include varieties and hybrids of Sedum telephium, S. spectabile, S. erythrostictum = S. alboroseum, and S. aizoon. These are 10 beautiful plants with purple leaves to grow. Space plants between 6 inches and 2 feet apart, depending on the variety. The most common purple sedum material is plastic. To create an idea board, sign in or create an account. The gray-green leaves turn yellowish in autumn. Rich dark purple-black leaves and stems are topped with dusky pink 5-6" flat flower heads mid to late summer that will add fall and winter interest if left standing. Divide sedum every 3-4 years to maintain its compact growth habit. Skip to Main Content Skip to Search Skip to Footer. Many gardeners are familiar with upright varieties of sedum, ... S. Hylotelephium telephium 'Purple Emperor' has plum-colored foliage that complements silver-colored foliage or flowers with yellow blooms. Sedum “Frosty Morn”: This is another upright grower. 2. – granite stonecrop; Sedum radiatum S.Watson – Coast Range stonecrop; Sedum reptans; Sedum rubens L. Sedum rubrotinctum – pork and beans, Christmas cheer, jellybeans; Sedum rupestre L. – reflexed … Many sedum varieties are very low-growing, forming a mat of foliage as they spread. Purple-Roof DETAILS. Proven Winners - SUNSPARKLER® 'Plum Dazzled' - Stonecrop - Sedum rupestre pink shades plant details, information and resources. Some are extra tall while others are very compact and more densely flowered. – widow's-cross; Sedum pusillum Michx. There are 368 purple sedum for sale on Etsy, and they cost $9.40 on average. This Stonecrop selection is an excellent groundcover plant, particularly for hot, dry sites. There are about 400 species of sedums with a wonderful variety of colors, shapes, growth rates, flowering season, and evapotranspiration rates. Plants with purple leaves are a boon in summer when their dramatically dark foliage works hard to provide a striking contrast with bright flowers. Some plants have solid green foliage, and some are variegated. Nov 6, 2018 - Explore Barbara Henderson's board "Sedum varieties", followed by 145 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sedum, Succulents, Plants. Sedum (Stonecrop) is an easy to grow group of succulents that look great in the summer and autumn garden. Create Account; Upgrade Account to Professional; Sedum. Jan 31, 2012 - Sedum purple emperor is a fabulous plant. The flowers are dusky pink. The most popular color? Sedum 'Purple Emperor' has pretty plum coloured foliage, which makes a great foil in combination with low growing Sedum, ornamental grasses and xeric plants. Ogon . – greater Mexican stonecrop, green cockscomb; Sedum pulchellum Michx. In certain light conditions the foliage of this sedum appears almost black. Also known as ‘Golden Japanese Stonecrop,’ it’s a spreading groundcover having tiny, round-shaped golden foliage. Among the green-leafed, showy sedums … Purple Broadleaf Stonecrop, Purple Spoon-leaved Stonecrop, Purple Stonecrop, Purpureum Stonecrop, Red Chalk Stonecrop. Ground cover sedum varieties like Dazzleberry Sedum, ... Sedum bloom in shades of pink, purple, white, and yellow. Description. Their colorful flowers combined with colorful foliage make them garden gems with long-lasting seasonal interest.