The 10103T little giant ladder is … I have older model little giant ladders and they are great, but this model is a hazard. That doesn't sound to high, but believe me, it is high doing work off of a ladder. When not in use, the step ladder … The way I see it, if you spend any of your time 10-25 feet (or more) off the ground, then you want the most reliable and stable platform available, because the butt I'm saving is my own. The wheels were useless, so I had to carry the ladder to where I needed it. George Riedl, Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2018. He felt balanced and secure with hard to reach jobs. Bottom rung broke off completely, welds failed on the right side when setting the feet of ladder before climbing to clean gutters. The alternatives are there and rated the same. The little giant works great for this because you can leave one side retracted, but extend the other so that you are leveling the ladder with the stairs. Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend, By Humbug. Yes, it does have some movement to it while climbing, but much less than a regular extension ladder. David A Harris, Solved the the Noisy springs on bumpy roads. Pennsylvania, Verified Reviewer. These are indeed lifetime assets and I've yet to damage one save for splattered paint. Don't hesitate to buy like I did. Safety rails can extend horizontally in the stand-off position, providing extra stability when working at the top of the ladder. Earlier this year, my boyfriend investigated this ladder and its reviews. I purchased the REVOLUTION 17' ladder for $283. The other position that I needed was having the ladder … Reviewed in the United States on September 7, 2018. I have several that had pretty normal failures, and not one was warrantied, so be warned. They aren’t the fastest ladders you’ll ever set up either; and that’s why Werner’s … Little Giant is well worth my money! I would say I have put this ladder through a lot. Every one wants me to pay an extra 59.00 and send this one back. In this post we compare the Werner MT Series MultiLadder to the Little Giant Alta One ladder. No return call. Colorado, Verified Reviewer. I still have my old ones, but i don't ever use them. Not heavy at all. Little Giant 10103T Duty Rating Multi-Use Ladder. I bought a Little Giant Ladder some years back and noticed recently that the rung at the top of the "A-frame" is "twisted." The Little Giant Xtreme Ladder is a ladder system that offers to combine 24 ladder configurations into one. However my son and I trimmed a huge tree and while a little cumberson the many options of the "Little Giant Ladder" are used and worthwhile. As a business that relies on ladders for our business, I can assure you that we will never buy another Little Giant product! I'll never recommend this ladder again, having been a multiple purchaser. A couple of years ago I purchased a 22 foot Little Giant Extreme. I gave it a four because of how to handle the ladder to use it, but that is the nature of the beast, so I gave it a strong four. 15 Little Giant Ladder System reviews. The selling point to me was the leveling legs, as there is no level ground around my house. By That is if this one ever needs replacing. By By When I was first given the Little Giant Ladder to use, I didn't like it. It's very solid. I called again and left another message. But if you spend most of your day on roof tops or working on fascia and soffit jobs, you'll learn that heavy means strong and stable. I set it to about 18 - 20 foot (not full length) and is fairly stable climbing the ladder. They shut down an important job by not following through on a promised overnight shipment of parts. They are as safe as claimed and I don't find the weight a distraction. I have to lay it down, extend it and then lift up to place ladder which is somewhat difficult since it is heavy and not balanced while walking ladder up unless you place the bottom against something (instructions recommend this) and walk it up to position. Los Lunas, NM, Verified Reviewer. Little Giant ladders are versatile and make for compact storage but their biggest drawback is in their bulky nature. Dawsonville, GA, Verified Reviewer. Wow ! Only thing is that it is more difficult to handle than an extension ladder. Not with the Little Giant. The consensus out there is that little giant is overpriced and Werner etc are just as good. You can't have it standing up and extend this ladder or you would easily get hurt trying. Extending the ladder is very hard and clumsy. In my opinion, all the hype and salesmanship is justified. Then bring your arm down to a natural position and grasp a rung that's about at your waist height. TOO HEAVY, no way is this light enough for most women (my wife can barely lift it). Product Overview. I have used this ladder maybe 12 times in the 20+ years I've owned it. COVID-19 Shipping Delays: 14 - 18 Days. … Not only is the ladder un-usable due to the danger of collapsing when extended out but, I purchased this to be used for my daily work. Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2016. While as a step ladder it's use seems to be functional, I strongly urge anyone considering a purchase of this ladder to be used a straight ladder, to do so with Extreme Caution. I've own my share of Werner aluminum extension and folding ladders, and this Little Giant is a great ladder by all means. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees.

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