When importing to an existing account, change the value of the ##defaultResourceGroup## or ##defaultResourceName## token to select the relevant group of devices (or individual device) for which you wish to visualize data. What about isolating graph lines, toggling legends, and more? Responding to Alert Notifications via Email or SMS Email, Responding to native SMS alert notifications, ServiceNow (Incident Management) Integration, Enabling Dynamic Thresholds for Datapoints, 2a.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Starting Price: Not provided by vendor $99.00/year/user. REST API Access ✓ Verify scripts utilizing LogicMonitor’s REST API are capable of supporting TLS 1.2 This can be used to create and manage LogicMonitor collector groups NOTE You should use Ansible service modules such as service or supervisorctl for managing the Collector 'logicmonitor-agent' and 'logicmonitor-watchdog' services. We understand these are uncertain times, and we are here to help! The Collector retrieves data from all the devices assigned to it, t… Some users choose to erase this application. Gain full-stack visibility for … We are currently using Kubernetes with a deployment for lm_collector which will create the container and pod. When the Collector is configured to use a proxy that requires basic authentication, the Collector may throw the following exception: In this case, you will want to add the following configuration to the Collector’s wrapper.conf: If a Collector does not get a valid SSL certificate issued directly from LogicMonitor, it will fail to properly start. Specifically, you'll probably want to start these services after a Collector add and stop these services before a Collector remove. How do I change what group(s) my device is in? × Why am I receiving account lock out alerts? Nor does the HTTP connection use the existing proxy as set on the collector. Call 888-415-6442, +1 (805) 617-3884 or Contact Us. Call 888-415-6442, This article will guide you through basic steps for adding a Collector. By default, Collectors are not configured to use proxies. What ports does LogicMonitor Collector use? Can LogicMonitor monitor custom data for my job? We have devices that should not connect to the public internet (AD Domain controllers for example). Come join our live training webinar every other Wednesday at 11am PST and hear LogicMonitor experts explain best practices and answer common questions. Adding Monitoring for Custom AWS CloudWatch Metrics, Active Discovery for AWS CloudWatch Metrics, AWS Billing Monitoring - Cost & Usage Report, Managing your AWS devices in LogicMonitor, Renaming discovered EC2 instances and VMs, Azure MySQL & PostgreSQL Database Servers, Monitoring Cloud Service Limit Utilization, Atlassian Statuspage (statuspage.io) Monitoring, Windows Server Failover Cluster (on SQL Server) Monitoring, About LogicMonitor's Kubernetes Monitoring, Adding your Kubernetes Cluster into Monitoring, Updating Monitoring Configuration for your Kubernetes Cluster, Cisco Firepower Chassis Manager Monitoring, Interface Status Alerting and Bandwidth Utilization, Linux File Systems reporting more than 100% usage, VMware ESXi Servers and vCenter/vSphere Monitoring, VMware vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) Monitoring, Cohesity DataProtect and DataPlatform Monitoring, Viewing, Filtering, and Reporting on NetFlow Data, Disabling External Website Testing Locations Across Your Account, Executing Internal Web Checks via Groovy Scripts, Web Checks with Form-Based Authentication, Tokens Available in LogicModule Alert Messages, Advantages of using Groovy in LogicMonitor, Viewing Config Files from the Resources Page, Example ConfigSource Active Discovery Script, Creating JobMonitor Definitions in LogicMonitor. Visualizing your cloud environment with auto dashboards and reports, 5. The LogicMonitor Collector monitors your infrastructure and collects the data defined by LogicModules for each resource in that location. Change the Collector configuration setting from: Removing SSL enforcement lowers the security of the connection between your Collector and LogicMonitor and, for this reason, should be carefully considered before implementing. Read Help.logicmonitor.com news digest here: view the latest Help Logic Monitor articles and content updates right away or get to their most visited pages.Help.logicmonitor.com belongs to a large group of moderately popular websites. Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub — the largest and most advanced development platform in the world. February 3, 2017 // The Collector listens on these ports: 162 UDP for SNMP traps 514 UDP for SysLog traps 2055 UDP for Netflow 6343 UDP for Sflow 2056 UDP for jflow ‘within’ the collector: 7211 TCP Watchdog service (sbwinproxy.exe) LogicMonitor is a hosted, full-stack, infrastructure monitoring platform. Have questions? For detailed instructions on editing the agent.conf file, see Editing the Collector Config Files. The LogicMonitor Collector is an application that runs on a server within your infrastructure and uses standard monitoring protocols to intelligently monitor devices within your infrastructure. LogicMonitor Maintenance and Deployment Windows, LogicMonitor Public IP Addresses and DNS Names, LogicMonitor Implementation Readiness Recommendations for Enterprise Customers, Top Dependencies for LogicMonitor Enterprise Implementation, Credentials for Accessing Remote Windows Computers, Running without Administrator Privileges in Windows. You can post now and register later. See how Proxy Sniffer and LogicMonitor stack up against each other by comparing features, pricing, ratings and reviews, integrations, screenshots and security.   You cannot paste images directly. »logicmonitor_collector Provides a LogicMonitor collector resource. Rather, you should install a Collector on a host in each location of your infrastructure. To change this, you will need to make updates to several proxy settings located in one of the Collector’s configuration files (i.e. This issue has been going on for a few months now. Seeing issues where newly provisioned hosts starting the lm_collector would be running without an active collector running inside the container. In the below example, all SSL certificates in the client environment were being intercepted and reissued using special security software (e.g. Adding your Azure environment into LogicMonitor, 2c. EA Collector 22.276 will be released January 23, 2017, and includes the following: Improvements: Scripted Internal Service Checks now support using a proxy for the request via the following method: LMRequest.setProxy(hostname, port, schema) The Collector now supports device IP in BatchJob wrappers, where previously only system hostname was accepted.   Your previous content has been restored. As far as I know, the collector properties/settings are not exposed in any way to a scripted PropertySource, despite the script running locally on the collector. Resolved - This incident has been resolved. See Downloading a Collector Installer for information on how to download and install an existing collector. Dashboards. Unless I am missing something, it seems exceptionally convoluted to get those details, and then propagate them into property fields for all devices on that collector.

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